Agricultural  / Equestrian Buildings

As a direct alternative to steel and cladding, the Mottaghan Reid agricultural buildings represent durable high-quality timber structures suited to the various needs in agriculture.


By using intelligent design software, timber sizes can be calculated to increase the span and give you the optimum space required. External finishes can be solid timber or adapted to a finish and design of your choice.


For our agricultural buildings we have a few designs and sizes. However,  we build this to meet your needs and construct them at a location where you require.The agricultural buildings we construct are: Barns, Stables, Field Shelters, Corrals, to name a few.

Please get in touch with your requirements and we can discuss the best suited for you. 

Field Shelter.JPG

Field Shelters

The Mottaghan Reid Field Shelters are constructed of 28mm or 44mm solid timber log. Strength and durability is built into the building to give the best protection for the animals and best value for money.

The Mottaghan Reid shelters are built stronger than many know rivals.

  • Steel clad

  • Timber Clad


Shetland Shelter.           Horse Shelter.

2.4m x 2.4m                   3.6m x 3.6m

2.4m x 4.8m                   3.6m x 7.2m

2 Bay Barn.1.JPG


The Mottaghan Reid barns can be made from a variety of timber, both hardwoods and softwoods. Mottaghan Reid can select from a range of basic designs or customised to suit the users requirements. The size and complexity of the barn depends on you.

  • Full timber construction.

  • Half brick/block and timber construction.

  • Full brick / block with timber roof construction.

Stable 2.JPG


Mottaghan Reid horse barns and stables are the ultimate home for your equestrian pursuit.  Constructed to represent a better investment, each build can be customised to include all the features required from offices to tack rooms, carriage and food storage, and much more. 

  • Full timber construction.

  • Half brick/block and timber construction.

  • Full brick / block with timber roof construction.


Thought Through Design

We acknowledge that the more thought and consideration put into a design, always results in a better outcome. We respect that not always is it viable to purchase every concept to the full. That's why at Mottaghan Reid our bespoke packages are thought through, not rushed and suited to what our customer can and want to pay for. Together we work out how and what we can do for you more as a partnership than a supplier. 


Pole Barns

The Mottaghan Reid Field Pole Barns represent a cost effective traditional and simple approach to storage and a host of other applications.

With the advantage of being very adaptable for sloped terrain and where a full concrete floor is not necessary, the pole barn offer many advantages over steel.

  • Steel clad

  • Timber Clad


stable lights.JPG

Stable Dividers

The Mottaghan Reid range of stable dividers are manufactured from a range of materials to suit your application. supplied or supplied and installed, the horse dividers can be made from the following materials.

  • Traditional full timber construction.

  • Steel / timber.

    • Hardwood​

    • Softwood

    • Plywood

    • Waterproof board.


Ventilation Turrets

Mottaghan Reid ventilation torrents are suited to both pent and pitched roofs. Ventilation is very important in most barns. Ventilations turrets promote natural ventilation just as barns from many years ago did before the age of forced air ventilation or fans. Constructed to meet each application,  they make for a very cost effective all year round solution.