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Repairs & Remedial Works

Stables, agricultural and timber buildings are a high value investment and will need to be periodically repaired. Repairs and maintenance is due to many factors from wear and tear or deterioration as well as from excited animals kicking or damaging doors, walls and much more. 

Whatever the problem, at Mottaghan Reid we have the capabilities to repair the damage at lower costs than new replacement buildings.


We take a realistic view of each repair required and give an honest view of what cost and the extent of each project, small and large.


In many instances, repairs and remedial works to a building goes on to give the owners many more years of use.


Re-Roofing, Panelling & Walls

Roofs, walls and panelling are made from a variety of different materials and products. At Mottaghan Reid we repair like for like and give the customer the option of improved materials where possible

Horse Stall


Mottaghan Reid repair and replace all types of timber fencing for all applications across agriculture, equestrian and estates. We offer the customers a wide range of materials to match existing or to provide better and stronger solutions where required

Garage Construction

Barn / Garage / Stable Doors

Doors on timber buildings take much of the wear and tear. At Mottaghian Reid we supply and install a wide range or doors for all applications for new and repair applications



There are many elements that cause wear and tear as well as damage to floors. At Mottaghan Reid we have access to many materials and solutions to repair and reinstate good floors and flooring.



Ventilation in animal barns and stables is essential for the wellbeing of the animals. Animals need the right amount of fresh air. At Mottaghan Reid we have the ability to assess each application and then advise on the amount of air required and implement a solution.

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Good lighting is key for animal comfort as well as many applications where good lighting is needed to carry out the tasks in hand. At Mottaghan Reid we can install a lighting scheme suited to you and the best lighting for the use of your building.